Frequently Asked Questions

We help you answer a broad array of questions (from foundational to complex) and implement solutions to complement your situation.

What's your current  financial context?

  • Working to increase your savings?
  • Seeking to rid youself of debt?
  • Preparing for a family?
  • Planning to pay for college?
  • Trying to figure out investment allocation?
  • Wanting to mitigage the market volatility you're experiencing?
  • Are you receiving an inheritance and afraid to seek advice?
  • Is retirement looming near?
  • Is long term care a concern for you or your parents?

What do you hope to accomplish working with an adviser?

  • Consult with an information source?
  • Receive a second opinion?
  • Find a trusted relationship for enhancing well rounded financial decisions? 
  • Access a comprehensive approach rather than talk to a product peddler?

Knowledge can empower you to make better decisions. Questions abound.
For example:

  • What should I know and do about insurance protections (life, health, disability or long-term care, critical care, employee benefits)?
  • How should I approach funding my retirement plan through work, or if you're an employer, your retirement plan?
  • What should I consider as I look at investment placement strategies and tax efficiencies while accumulating for retirement.
  • Why consider an investment review?
  • How much risk is enough, or too much? How does one know?
  • What about the “ions” of finance – protection; accumulation; diversification; asset allocation; distribution?
  • How can I prepare for retirement years so I don't run out of money?
  • Annuities, seriously?
  • When should I consider structuring investments for retirement? In preparation for retirement, what kind of investments and in what kinds of accounts should I consider holding retirement assets?
  • From the hundreds of possible selections, how can I verify the best approach to social security income planning?
  • What's the probability that my retirement plan will succeed? What guarantees do I have?
  • I've inherited a lot of money. What now?
  • I just sold my business. I've worked so many years for a secure retirement; what planning is needed now?
  • I'd like to give financial gifts to my children or to a charitable organization. In what ways can I make that happen?
  • What if I want to do legacy planning, leaving or transferring or protecting assets most tax efficiently? Where do I begin?
  • How can we prepare for the financial drain of elder care and end of life challenges?

Let Us Help Answer Your Questions